Who We Are

Spokane Food Fighters came about out of the desire to do something simple – try and feed people in a food emergency. In response to Coronavirus a Spokane Kid (Marcus Riccelli) who believes FOOD IS HEALTH, two techies (Robbi Katherine Anthony and Patrick McHugh), and a local philanthropist/activist with a passion for kicking the system in the shorts and solving problems in a nimble fashion (Sharon Smith) decided to rally each other and the community to try to help neighbors in need find their next meal. In unprecedented times when problems seem overwhelming and solutions seem too big to get your arms around, Spokane Food Fighters believes people will join in the FIGHT to end hunger a meal or two at a time. We are also hoping to closely partner with local restaurants to see if this can help their bottom line a bit.

We know in the oncoming days there will likely be more people than ever struggling with food insecurity. Whether we can make sure 5 people or 25 people are fed - Spokane Food Fighters are committed to doing something to help. Food nourishes the body, and we believe helping out in Spokane in these times will nourish the soul. We feel the need – the need to feed! If you do too, we hope you will help where you can and let’s see what we can do Together!

Why the name Spokane Food Fighters?

A group of five policymakers called The Food Five worked tirelessly to bring attention to and forward food policy in the State of Washington. With the growth of their efforts, particularly after passing Breakfast After the Bell for Washington students, more policymakers joined their ranks thus The Food Five no longer worked. The name Food Fighters came from a wicked smart policy staffer in the Washington State Legislature and Spokane Food Fighters is just a tip of the cap to the work of that food group and trying to bring a bite of that passion and work to Spokane.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is eligible for food?

Anyone with emergency meal needs who cannot currently afford food and/or are place bound. This is not intended to replace other resources like those at schools, food banks, Meals on Wheels, grocery stores, etc. Please order only if you have no other way to get food.

What is the cost?

The meals are free to the recipient thanks to generous donors and restaurant partners.

What areas do you serve?

Currently we are delivering to Spokane City and Spokane Valley only. We look forward to expanding as our resources allow.

What do the meals consist of?

All food is microwave ready. Recipients should double check the container and transfer the food to a microwave safe vessel, if necessary. Multiple restaurants are involved so the food items will vary. Each meal will include a protein, starch and vegetable. Meat and non-meat meals are available. The meals cannot be completely customized for each person and we thank you for your flexibility and understanding. Each household delivery also includes a community food resource guide for other food options.

Do the restaurants get paid for the meals?

Yes, plus gratuities! Unless the restaurant(s) wishes to donate their food/services, the Spokane Food Fighters pays for the meals therefore providing economic assistance to local restaurants as well as the meals to food insecure people.

Who delivers the meals?

Our amazing volunteers! If you have an interest in delivering meals, please check out our volunteer page.

How does it work?

Meals are ordered through our web site at https://spokanefoodfighters.org/request. Orders can be made between noon and midnight for next day delivery up to a limit of 35 households per day. The form will automatically close once it has reached it's daily limit. Volunteers will pick up the meals from the participating restaurant(s) and deliver them to households between 4pm-6pm, and emergency food boxes will be delivered between 12pm – 8pm. Meals will be left at the front door unless special instructions for other drop off points are noted. The deliverer will knock on the door or ring the bell to alert the household that the delivery has been made. In order to keep everyone safe, please do not engage face to face with the volunteer.

What safety measures are in place?

Restaurants used by Spokane Food Fighters are committed to using best practices as required by this special time. There will be limited engagement between the restaurant and deliverer. There will be no in-person engagement between the household members and deliverer. Each deliverer will have a safety kit including gloves and hand sanitizer to use often. It’s currently believed the virus is airborne and not transferred through food but we do not certify that is the case. Please take precautions to wipe down the wrappings and food containers with alcohol. And wash your hands often!

How do I volunteer to deliver meals?

Volunteers may sign up at https://spokanefoodfighters.org/volunteer. Thank you for your help!

Who’s paying for this?

This effort is currently funded by individual and organization donations. If you are able, please donate at http://bit.ly/SpokaneFF. The nonprofit fiscal sponsor covers all overhead and fees so every dollar donated will go to the Spokane Food Fighters effort. Nothing is withheld.

Who’s running this project?

This was founded and is led by Spokane resident Marcus Riccelli. The Smith-Barbieri Progressive Fund, a local 501(c)3 nonprofit is the fiscal sponsor. Robbi Katherine Anthony and Patrick McHugh developed and manage the technology. Spokane resident (and volunteer extraordinaire) Mandi McHenry manages restaurant and volunteer resources.

Who else is involved?

In addition to many dedicated volunteer deliverers and generous donors, please see our partner page at https://spokanefoodfighters.org/partners. Want to become a partner? Email us at hello@spokanefoodfighters.com.

Have other questions or want to do more?

Email us at hello@spokanefoodfighters.com


(509) 280-7643

Delivery Area

City of Spokane, Washington